We are still currently trying to get the IDJ Pro controller fully working on windows, we are having problems with an iAP interface driver with windows, are end goal is to be able to write the driver for the controller so it works like it does in Mac (OSX) Any help would be appreciated


The IDJ Pro midi function works under windows but unfortunately not the audio card yet.


There is a solution, using the special converter cable and the split audio cable we sell. The converter cable takes care of the midi controls, (i.e Jog Wheels, Crossfader bass/mid/treble ect) and the split audio cable takes care of the audio (master/pre-cue) This enables you to use the IDJ Pro like you would on a Mac.

Splitter Cable 30-Pin to USB Converter Cable

We are selling the audio splitter cable for £6.00 if you would like to order one please email me a so i can add it to your cable so you won’t be charged extra shipping


At current we only have tracktor mapped for windows, our aim is to map all the other major windows software too.


Below you can see a setup and demonstration of the IDJ Pro with traktor under windows (video to come soon)
Windows SplitIDJWIN



If you have any idea’s/advice to improving the windows version leave a comment below








7 comments on “Windows

  1. greetings man, about the audio splitter cable(male 3.5mm to dual female 3.5mm)? and can you try mapping by serato scratch live whether it is work. thanks for work hard, very appreciate.

  2. I greatly appreciate this update regarding your progress with Windows. I’ve been watching this site very closely for changes such as this. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you got the cable fully working.

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