USB Pre Cue

When Apple released iOS 6,  along with it they released a very special feature; multi route audio. This meant that with a USB sound card and an Apple Camera Connection Kit you would be able to pre-cue in stereo for the first time!

So I jumped on google and did a quick search for USB sound cards. I found multiple sound cards all ranging in price. I decided just to buy a cheap one from eBay to begin with and work my way up in price range rather than down.

The one I purchased was £1.99 and is identical to the one shown below.


When It arrived I plugged it into my Camera Connection Kit and then into the iPad (I should mention it’s just a cheap USB style connection kit from eBay). When I launched the DJay App, instantly a menu popped up and asked me how I would like to direct the audio. I chose to pre-cue through the USB and send the main output through the headphone jack, (this was a much simpler setup than the mono pre cue device I had previously made). My setup is shown below.




This was amazing! The sound quality was fantastic, and pre-cuing was as easy as tapping the little headphone icon by the crossfader. I was delighted, mission accomplished!


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