Traktor Mapping & TouchOSC

This page is dedicated to the fantastic work by Phil Worrell who has successfully mapped the IDJ Pro Controller to Traktor Pro with both 2 and 4 deck setup. Phil was one of the first purchasers of our cable and we are really pleased to see how it is becoming useful to so many.

Phil has taken things one step further and also created a midi map for TouchOSC to take full advantage of your now normally empty iPad slot..

We strongly recommend checking out Phil’s page on DJ TechTools for full info and download links


Some Photo’s of The TouchOSC & iDJ Pro Setup:




IDJ Pro Traktor Midi mapping 

This is a basic setup trying to emulate some of the standard features of an IDJ Pro with Traktor pro 2.6.

Anyone who does so at their own risk. I am not liable for any mistakes in the mapping. it is my first attempt at mapping in Traktor and there may well be glaring mistakes in it.  I have not extensively tested it. So don’t scream at me.

This is a 2 deck only mapping. 4 deck coming.

The following functions work as normal on the IDJ pro as in how they would work in DJay

Eq knobs


Volume knobs

Cross fader


Pitch sliders

Pitch nudge buttons

Record button

Jog wheels


Cue monitor

Scratch mode – probably need adjusting for taste


Hotcue 1 is the main cue button

Hotcue 2 is cue button 1

Hotcue 3 is cue button 2

Hotcue 4 is cue button 3

Delete any of the cues with the shift and cue button

Set button is flux mode on/off

Shift and filter knob adjust the gain of each track

Track Navigation 

Press the view button to switch tractor to the browser view and back again

Use Shift browse encoder to search the tree list. Use the push button on the encode rto expand / collapse the tree

To scroll through tracks, use the browse encoder.

Press load 1 to load into deck A and Load 2 for deck B.

Loop functions

The 6 buttons works follows

Auto sets up a loop of 8 beat and engages it. Pressing again disengaged the loop.

1/2 and 2x increase decrease the length of the loop.

Loop in starts a manual loop point

Loop Out end a manual loop / auto loop

Reloop – does nothing right now without shift. It will be the button to switch decks in the 4 deck mapping.

The shift and each of these button sets the loop size / beat roll as per normal IDJ pro functions

Monitoring / output levels

The hardware controls for master out, cue mix and cue gain do not send / receive midi messages. Therefore need to be manually controlled on the controller.

However you need to ensure the software controls are up for this to work.  Set the mix level to 0 and headphone level out as desired in Traktor. Setting the mix level above zero causes you to hear everything on the cue. You control the cue / final mix on the hardware.


2 FX unit controls only at the moment.

To turn on FX mode press the record button. When lit the top sections of both decks become FX controls.

On deck A you have the controls for FX unit 1. Deck B FX unit 2

Bass control is knob 1

Mid control is knob 2

Hi is knob 3.

Loop in is button 1

Loop out button 2

Reloop button 3

Auto is set to nothing

1/2 is Deck fx unit 1 on. (control correspond to the deck. i.e. DeckA Fx unit 1 on is on deck A.)

2x is Deck fx unit 2 on.

The FX button switches on FX in advanced mode

Parameter is the wet / dry level

Scratch / search switches between advanced and group mode fx.

No FX selection controls at the moment need to be preselected at present. Looking to add a preset selection control maybe using the jg wheel / pitch fader or load buttons in shift.

Mic / Aux controls are hardware and not mappable  😦

Future enhancements changes / ideas

Additional controls to be added using TouchOSC to map additional control screens for use in Traktor therefore giving a versatile system, whilst keeping the basic mixing controls at hand.

EG, remix deck controls, looping option, level meters. I have a work prototype.

Change the loop buttons to work as Kill switches / effect selection presetbuttons on off buttons

Link to downloads Page:


3 comments on “Traktor Mapping & TouchOSC

  1. Hi Guys,
    I want to connect my IDJ Pro to my iMac and use tractor pro and be able to use tractor iPad app. What do i need to purchase from you?

  2. When downloading the mapping for Traktor, it downloads it as an .xml file, how can I have it download as a .tsi file?

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