Here is a few kind words from some of our happy customers:-
Phil R
“Dam I can’t Thank you enough it works! Awesome product and customer support”
“Just off the back of a set and was chatting to a few people about your cable. Just thought i’d let you know its a dream and thats me using Traktor in a professional club”
The House DJ
“Just to let you know. I played a club using iIDJ Pro working with Traktor and your cable connecting my MacBook. Absolutely brilliant
Thanks again for your work”
Matt J
“I received my cable today. Excellent work my friend”
Ryaco H
“Great work, it works like a charm. I am very impressed with your efforts guys and I will definitely be spreading the word!
Thank you very much and good luck in your future endeavours.”
Etienne B
“I am so happy because I’ve follow your instructions and its works”
Will B
“Amazing cable. Works so well.
Thank you very much!”
Paul F
“Thank you so much made my day.”
Meekyy M
“Man thank you so much”

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