Split Output

When I first brought the Djay app on my iPhone I was thrilled to be able to have that kind of technology and capability at my fingertips for such a small price. However because I didn’t really know how to mix, I found it incredible hard to distinguish the 2 tracks when trying to beat match. it was fine for playing around with, but I could not pre cue the track I want to bring in, or try to at least. This meant that as it was, this could be like a real setup and hence wouldn’t allow me to progress to fully understand the concept of mixing.

I was reading some of the reviews of the app and noticed a comment which directed me to a DJ hardware page. There I found a split output cable, and also a guide explaining how the iPad would split the audio output, and send a mono signal from deck 1 down channel 1 and another mono signal from deck 2 down channel 2. Awesome.

This means I’m able to connect my headphones to channel 1, and a set of speakers to channel 2. Once the split output was activated via the app, two little round icons with headphones appear either side of the turntables, depending on which icon you selected it played the track that you want to pre cue down the headphones. Now we’re getting somewhere!


I had a few old female headphone sockets and a 3.5mm jack, so i thought why not get the soldering iron out and see if i can make one, the above image was my first attempt and it worked great,

Finally I have a the means in which I can learn to mix. It gave me the opportunity to be able to learn to mix as if I had turntables without the expense or worry of damaging any equipment.

However it did have its drawbacks… because the audio is only outputted via 1 source, when you adjust the volume of the master volume it also  adjusts the headphone volume. meaning if you wanted to play on loudspeakers you would need a very good set of headphones. So I decide to build my own split output, but this time with a difference…

I decided to house this splitter into a little aluminium box i had kicking around from a previous project. I wanted to put a volume control on the pre cue channel so i could adjust it independently, this turned out great, it allowed me to mix late into the night turning down the volume to suit, (as not to wake the neighbours!!)



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