dJay Touch OSC


This was the first dj program I used. I love the interface with the two turntables and the simple waveform pattern for each channel. I original had it on the ipad which lead me to buy the IDJ PRO Controller. It was fantastic and one thing I especially loved was how there was a chaos type effects pad for each channel, unfortunately the only way you can do this with the mac version of djay is with the mouse over a small pad on the screen. Not very satisfying and very clumsy.

Now my mac is connected to the IDJ Pro it renders the ipad useless, this is until I found out about Touch OSC, you can design you own button layout screen for the ipad and connect to various dj programs as a wifi midi controller.

So I decided to utilise the ipad and reintroduce the effects pads back into djay using the ipad interface. Here I have a simple interface with two effects pads per channel, with previous and next effect buttons, also I have introduced the 6 sample buttons for quick use and a simple toggle switch for changing waveform zoom, this is my first attempt which I hope to improve and add to in the future. I you have any ideas post in the comments.

dJay OSC

You need to download Touch OSC app for your iPad and Touch OSC Bridge, upload the dJay.touchosc file to you iPad, place the TouchOSC Bridge.djayMidiMapping file into the MIDI mappings folder in dJay/Music folder, connect Touch OSC app on iPad to mac, (settings in the iPad app) you should now be able to control some of the dJay functions with your iPad as well as your IDJ Pro Controller


Download files at


4 comments on “dJay Touch OSC

  1. yes it helped out, but now i cant get the effects to work,
    the ipad is just there with the layout with no sound ,what should i do ?

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