We are now very close

We have now sourced the components for the first 5 cables,

The first 5 Cables we will be selling for £15 – £20 + P&P

The individual components to this cable are rather expensive buying them in low quantities so we are currently looking into suppliers to provide us with large numbers of the components needed,

This is a homebrew cable and as such has no warranty and is not officially supported by Numark, but we will provide support and as you can see from the videos it works flawlessly

If you choose to purchase a cable you will receive the cable, instructions for set up and a download link for the midi maps

Comment below for questions and leave an email so we can contact you if you wish to purchase a cable


31 comments on “Cable

    • Hola allí, el precio del cable es de 17,00 libras esterlinas y gastos de envío a Portugal es 8,90 libras, por lo que un total de 25,90 EUR. Usted puede pagar a través de Paypal en dam.atiez @

      Muchas Gracias,

  1. Hello! I am very interested in purchasing a cable from you guys.

    I know it is not clear in the website whether you are close to making it work for Windows or not, but it would be greatly appreciated if you can help make it clear if you do have the iDJ Pro working with Traktor on Windows. I do own a Hackintosh, but my laptop is Windows and will not be able to afford a Macbook for a very long time.

  2. Hola
    Antes que nada estoy muy agradecido por su trabajo que realizaron para hacer este cable y que además se me hace de buen precio, se sacaron un diez, mi pregunta es que mi iPad es de ios6 y no la eh actualizado x miedo a que no funcione con mi idjpro el cual también quiero actualizar, y actualizado mi idj pro puedo seguir usando el cable con mi Mac, gracias y saludos y un fuerte abrazó.

    • Hi There

      Thank you for your comment, i think some may be lost in translation

      Your iPad on ios6 should still run fine after the macbook is disconnected,

      You say good price took ten, do you mean you want to buy 10 cables, i should be able to do a reduced postage rate and small deal, let me know if your interested or want to purchase

      Forgive the google translation

      Many Thanks


  3. Hi,

    I would like to use my IDJ Pro with my laptop, the only proble is that it’s running windows
    Would it work with Mac OS on a virtual machine?

    Go TO EBAY and Search “Numark iDJ Pro cable 2.0 (OSX/MAC) $22.99.

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